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HyThSoft V. 2.0
Francisco Sanchez Careaga
November 2, 2018 (v1)
Keywords: Heat Water Treatment, LabWindows CVI, Process Control
HyThSoft, was developed as a powerful tool to consent with the ”WORK PLAN FOR THE MEXICAN MANGO TREATMENT AND PRECLEARENCE PROGRAM” developed jointly by the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, International Services (USDA/APHIS) and the Secretaria de Agricultura Ganadería y Desarrollo Rural Pesca y Alimentación (SAGARPA) and with norm NOM-075-FITO-1997. This software is designed to take temperature signals and control up to 6 treatment tanks. The software also contains logical functions which facilitate the work of the exporters and USDA/APHIS personal. Although this software was developed for treatment tanks that have each one, an independent boiler, it can also be use with a single boiler for all the tanks (dependent equipment), just by changing its operational parameters.
Approximating Nonlinear Relationships for Optimal Operation of Natural Gas Transport Networks
Kody Kazda, Xiang Li
October 13, 2018 (v1)
Subject: Optimization
Keywords: Compressors, Fuel Cost Minimization Problem, GAMS, Matlab, Natural Gas, Optimization
Source code for the case study presented in the paper "Approximating Nonlinear Relationships for Optimal Operation of Natural Gas Transport Networks". The case study involves solving the compressor fuel cost minimization problem (FCMP) on three simple natural gas networks. For each gas network three different formulations of the FCMP are tested: a common simplified FCMP model (FCMP_S), the novel approximation FCMP model (FCMP_N) that is developed in the paper, and a partially rigorous FCMP model (FCMP_PR) that models components of the model using their most rigorous calculations where feasible. The FCMP for each of these tests was optimized using GAMS, for which the code is provided. The accuracy of each of the three models was then assessed by comparing them to a rigorous simulation. The rigorous simulation was coded in Matlab and is provided, where separate files are used to calculate the rigorous gas pressure drop along a pipeline, and the energy input required for gas compression... [more]
Blackout! Classroom Edition
Jake Nease, Thomas A. Adams II
June 13, 2018 (v1)
Subject: Education
Keywords: Classroom Workshop, Electricity Grid, Energy Markets, Game Theory, Open Source, Video Game
Blackout! Is a classroom game (suitable for middle school and up to and including university students) which simulates open electricity markets. Up to eight players compete on the open market to build power plants, bid on sale prices, and deliver the most electricity to their customers. Demand changes each turn (one simulation hour) over the course of a day. The game helps to teach about the trade-offs between different kinds of power plants, such as cost (capital cost vs. operating cost), reliability (thermal vs. renewables), flexibilty (such as base-load vs. peaking power), and so on. The current version includes wind, solar, nuclear, coal, and natural gas based power plants. Also included in this submission are sample workshop materials (i.e. instructional slides) useful in a classroom setting. Please see also the linked academic research article discussing the statistical outcomes of using the game with middle and high school students.
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