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Volume 2 (2022)

Selected Extended Abstracts from the Systems & Control Division Sessions of the 72nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Edited by: Mina Naeini
ISBN: 978-1-7779403-1-7

Series Editor: Thomas A. Adams II

Series Overview

Systems and Control Transactions (SCT) is an open access book series published by PSE Press. The series consists of scientific research communications in the form of conference proceedings within the field of Process Systems Engineering. Each volume is associated with a specific scientific research conference, symposium, workshop, or other academic meeting, and is published in close collaboration with the organizers of the corresponding meeting.

Aims and Scope

SCT content falls broadly within the field of process systems engineering, especially as it relates to chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, bioengineering, and energy systems engineering. Common subjects include design, optimization, control, simulation, modelling, monitoring, operations, analysis, planning, scheduling, and management of process systems and their components. Application areas are quite diverse, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, energy, medicine, biosystems, food, plastics, materials, natural resources, nanotechnology, agriculture, policy, education, AI and machine learning, transportation, and many more. Contributions can be computational, theoretical, or experimental in nature.

See the LAPSE Subject Index and LAPSE Controlled Keyword Index for a more detailed picture of the field.

Article Types

The articles within each volume fall into one of the following types.

Conference Paper – These are high-quality, peer-reviewed scientific research articles presenting original research findings not previously published elsewhere in peer-reviewed form.

Extended Abstract – These are research articles which present original research findings, but are usually not peer reviewed. Extended abstracts sometimes present research-in-progress, as opposed to final conclusions.

Short Abstracts – These are shorter documents (usually about 2 pages) which summarize original research findings and are not peer reviewed. More detailed results are usually provided or discussed in-person at the associated conference or scientific meeting.

Author Guidelines and Ethics

Are you contributing Systems and Control Transactions? See our Guide for Authors, Editors, and Reviewers on manuscript style and ethics

Announced Volumes

Volume 3

Extended Abstracts from Foundations of Computer Aided Process Design (FOCAPD) 2024

Editors: Thomas A. Adams II, Matt Bassett, Selen Cremashi, and Monica Zanfir
Expected Publication Date: July 2024

Associated Conference: FOCAPD 2024, held July 14-18, 2024 in Beaver Run, Colorado, USA. FOCAPD is held every five years and is the premier conference in the field of Chemical Process Design.

How to Contribute: Submit an abstract to be considered for a poster presentation, following the submission instructions for the conference, before the deadline. If accepted, an invitation to contribute to the proceedings will follow.

Published Volumes

Volume 2 Cover (thumbnail image)
Volume 2

Selected Extended Abstracts from the Systems & Control Division Sessions of the 72nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Editor: Mina Naeini
Published: October 21, 2022
ISBN: 978-1-7779403-1-7
LAPSE ID: 2022.0095

Associated Conference: 72nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, October 23-26, 2022, Vancouver, BC

Downloads: [Full Proceedings] [Individual Articles]

Volume 1

Selected Extended Abstracts from the Systems & Control Division Sessions of the 71st Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Editor: Thomas A. Adams II
Published: October 21, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-7779403-0-0
LAPSE ID: 2021.0797

Associated Conference: 71nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, October 24-27, 2021, Montréal, Québec

Downloads: [Full Proceedings] [Individual Articles]