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Sustainability Assessment of 2G Bioethanol Production from Residual Lignocellulosic Biomass
Bárbara Correia, Henrique A. Matos, Tiago F. Lopes, Susana Marques, Francisco Gírio
June 5, 2024 (v1)
Keywords: 2G bioethanol, Aspen Plus, life cycle assessment, SimaPro, Technoeconomic Analysis
The development of sustainable biofuels can help to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and mitigate the impact of climate change. This study analyzes bioethanol production from agro-forestry residual biomass, namely eucalyptus residues and corn stover. The study includes process simulation using Aspen Plus software, followed by economic analysis and life cycle assessment (LCA) with the help of SimaPro software and by applying the environmental footprint (EF) 3.0 method. The economic analysis on the biorefinery’s economic viability, equipment, and production costs reveals a positive decision for bioethanol production from eucalyptus residues due to logistical and transportation costs. The minimum ethanol selling price (MESP) obtained was 2.19 €/L and 2.45 €/L for eucalyptus residues and corn stover, respectively. From the LCA with a functional unit of 1 MJ of ethanol, bioethanol production from eucalyptus residues results in a single score impact of 37.86 µPt, whereas for corn stover,... [more]
Evaluation of the Environmental Sustainability of a Stirling Cycle-Based Heat Pump Using LCA
Umara Khan, Ron Zevenhoven, Tor-Martin Tveit
March 31, 2023 (v1)
Subject: Environment
Keywords: eco-indicator 99, gas/oil-fired boilers, life cycle assessment, SimaPro, stirling cycle-based heat pump
Heat pumps are increasingly seen as efficient and cost-effective heating systems also in industrial applications. They can drastically reduce the carbon footprint of heating by utilizing waste heat and renewable electricity. Recent research on Stirling cycle-based very high temperature heat pumps is motivated by their promising role in addressing global environmental and energy-related challenges. Evaluating the environmental footprint of a heat pump is not easy, and the impacts of Stirling cycle-based heat pumps, with a relatively high temperature lift have received little attention. In this work, the environmental footprint of a Stirling cycle-based very high temperature heat pump is evaluated using a “cradle to grave” LCA approach. The results for 15 years of use (including manufacturing phase, operation phase, and decommissioning) of a 500-kW heat output rate system are compared with those of natural gas- and oil-fired boilers. It is found that, for the Stirling cycle-based HP, the... [more]
Shades of Green: Life Cycle Assessment of a Novel Small-Scale Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Tree
Duong Minh Ngoc, Montri Luengchavanon, Pham Thi Anh, Kim Humphreys, Kuaanan Techato
February 24, 2023 (v1)
Subject: Environment
Keywords: energy payback time, environmental impacts, environmental prices, greenhouse gas payback time, life cycle assessment, Renewable and Sustainable Energy, SimaPro, turbine tree, vertical axis wind turbine
Are small-scale wind turbines green? In this study, we perform a ‘cradle to grave’ life cycle assessment of a novel domestic-scale 10 kW vertical axis wind turbine tree which uses combined Savonius and H-Darrieus blades. Situated at a test site in Surat Thani, Thailand, SimaPro software was used to evaluate the environmental impact profile of the tree. Comparisons to the Thai grid mix were made, using both with and without end-of-life treatments. Impact profiles were calculated using wind data collected over two years at Surat Thani, and from wind data from a higher capacity factor (CF) site at Chiang Mai, Thailand. Energy and greenhouse gas payback times were estimated for both locations. The relative magnitudes of impacts were compared with environmental prices protocol, and we investigated reductions in impacts using three mitigative scenarios: changes to design, transportation and materials. The results showed that Chiang Mai had a CF = 7.58% and Surat Thani had a CF = 1.68%. A tot... [more]
Life cycle analyses of SOFC/gas turbine hybrid power plants accounting for long-term degradation effects
Haoxiang Lai, Thomas Adams II
January 5, 2023 (v1)
Subject: Uncategorized
In this study, cradle-to-product life cycle analyses were conducted for a variety of natural-gas-based and coal-based SOFC power plant conceptual designs, while also accounting for long-term SOFC degradation. For each type of plant, four base case designs were considered: a standalone SOFC plant, a standalone SOFC plant with a steam cycle, an SOFC/GT hybrid plant, and an SOFC/GT hybrid plant with a steam cycle. The boundary of each base case was subsequently expanded to include either wet cooling or dry cooling options and DC to AC conversion, and was subjected to additional cradle-to-product life cycle analyses. The environmental impact results were computed using ReCiPe 2016 (H) and TRACI 2.1 V1.05 in SimaPro. The main factors affecting the midpoint impacts between cases were the plant efficiency and total SOFC manufacturing required over the plant’s lifetime, which were both strongly connected to long-term degradation effects. The findings also showed that the standalone SOFC plant... [more]
Comparison of Steel Manufacturing Off-Gas Utilization Methods via Life Cycle Analysis
Lingyan Deng, Thomas Adams
March 4, 2020 (v1)
Subject: Other
Keywords: Blast furnace gas, Coke oven gas, Combined cycle power plant, Life Cycle Analysis, Methanol production, SimaPro
This is a submission of source file of the life cycle analysis of steel manufacturing off-gas utilization systems using SimaPro V9. It includes five locations: Ontario, the USA, Finland, Mexico, and China.
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