CCEC 2021 Systems & Control Conference Proceedings

This year, the Systems & Control division will be publishing a conference proceedings called “CSChE Systems and Control Transactions” corresponding with the Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference 2021 in Montréal, Quebéc. Anyone who has been accepted for an oral presentation or a poster presentation in one of the following six sessions will be invited:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Process Systems Engineering
  • Biotechnology and global health
  • Data Driven Analytics, Control, and Optimization
  • Industrial Applications in Process Systems Engineering
  • Methodologies and Fundamentals in Process Systems Engineering
  • Process Systems Engineering for Energy and the Environment

Open access publication

The conference proceedings will be published by the PSE Press, an Imprint of All articles will be published using a creative commons license. Articles may be freely shared, archived, and distributed. Readers will have unlimited access to the article for free. Authors will retain copyright but provide an unrestricted perpetual license to the publisher for publishing purposes.


All individual articles will be published on the Living Archive for Process Systems Engineering (LAPSE) at, the primary digital repository for the field of process systems engineering. Each article will be archived and given a unique LAPSE ID for referencing purposes. LAPSE submissions are indexed by Google Scholar.

Conference Proceedings Book

A free, open access, digital version of the conference proceedings book will be available to all conference attendees as well as the general public though in a special section of the website. The book will have an ISBN.

Example Citation

Some example citations for your article might be:

Paper Style: Student MC, Supervisor QR. Title of the article. CSChE Systems & Control Trans, 1:43-48 (2021).

Proceedings Style: Student MC, Supervisor QR. Title of the article. In: CSChE Systems & Control Transactions, October 24-27, Montréal, Quebéc, Canada, 2021. Vol 1 Pages 43-48. ISBN 1234567890.

No fees

There will be no fees to authors to participate. This is an activity of the Systems & Control division of the CSChE.


Submissions in either French or English will be accepted with equal preference.

Not Peer Reviewed

We note that due to the quick turnaround, peer review will not be available for this conference proceedings.

Submission Format

All submissions should be 2 to 6 printed pages (about 2000 to 6000 words).

All submissions must be original research works.

Digital submissions of data, models, simulations, and other materials are especially encouraged. Digital submissions should be submitted to LAPSE ( with the appropriate LAPSE ID provided in the manuscript.

Submission Instructions

  1. Download the easy-to-use submission template (Microsoft Word)
  2. Create your document by typing directly into the template, following the instructions therein.
  3. Send your submission to the editor using the contact information below for consideration by October 18, 2021.

Publication of Work in Journals

The work as a whole is eligible for publication as a “full” article in other journals. To avoid double publishing and duplication, the “full” article should include substantial material that was not included in the conference proceeding. The journal may have particular policies regarding this. To avoid self-plagiarism, text from the conference proceedings cannot be reproduced for publication in other journals.

Selection for Special Section in Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering

The best articles from the conference proceedings will be invited to submit “full papers” to a special section of an issue in the Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering. Such papers would undergo the normal peer review process there and are not guaranteed to be accepted.


For more information, please contact the Proceedings Editor-in-Chief at:

Prof. Thomas A. Adams II
Chair of the Systems & Control Division, CSChE