Learn Aspen Plus in 24 Hours (2nd Edition)

The 2nd Edition of Learn Aspen Plus in 24 Hours is now available!

Learn Aspen Plus in 24 Hours 2nd EditionQuickly start using the current version of Aspen Plus® to solve chemical engineering problems

Discover how to solve chemical engineering problems with Aspen Plus® in just 24 hours, with no prior experience. Thoroughly revised for the latest distribution, this self-learning guide features detailed mathematical models for a wide range of chemical process equipment, including heat exchangers,pumps, compressors, turbines, distillation columns, and chemical reactors.Divided into 12 two-hour lessons, Learn Aspen Plus® in 24 Hours, Second Edition shows, step by step, how to build process models and simulations without performing tedious calculations. You will also get downloadable Aspen Plus simulation files and helpful quick starter templates.

Winner of AIChE’s David Himmelblau Award

Prof. Adams received the David Himmelblau Award for Innovations in Computer-Based Chemical Engineering Education from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers for his work on creating this book. The award recognizes its quality and innovative tutorial style, its development in conjunction with students and professors at many universities to facilitate adoption into chemical engineering programs.

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Special Features:

  • Get up and running with Aspen Plus
  • Accurately model physical properties
  • Work with Aspen Plus’ problem solving tools
  • Create equilibrium- and rate-based distillation models
  • Build chemical reactor models
  • New in 2nd Edition! Incorporate connections to Microsoft Excel and Python in your Aspen Plus models
  • Estimate capital costs
  • Optimize heat exchanger networks
  • Simulate electrolyte chemistry
  • New in 2nd Edition! Simulate Solvent-based CO2 capture
  • New in 2nd Edition! Harness the power of parallel computing with Python or Aspen Multi-Case
  • New in 2nd Edition! Optimize your process using particle swarm optimization in Python
  • New in 2nd Edition! Choose the best property packages for your application
  • New in 2nd Edition! Utilize new Batch Processing features in your flowsheets

Table of Contents 2nd Edition

PrefaceIntroductionHow Aspen Plus works, sequential modular flowsheeting, and comparison to competing software
Tutorial 1Getting StartedStarting from a blank screen with no prior knowledge
Tutorial 2Physical Property ModellingSelecting physical properties. Understanding the database.
Tutorial 3Problem Solving ToolsDesign Specs and Sensitivity Analyses
Tutorial 4Heat ExchangersHEATER, HEATX
Tutorial 5Equilibrium-based Distillation ModelsRadFrac (in equilibrium mode)
Tutorial 6Advanced Problem Solving ToolsUtilities, GHG Emissions, Optimization
Tutorial 7Chemical Reactor ModelsRSTOIC, REQUIL, RYIELD, RGIBBS, RCSTR, RPFR
Tutorial 8Rate-based Distillation ModelsRadFrac (in rate-based mode)
Tutorial 9Custom Models and External ControlUSER Blocks (Fortran Code), Microsoft Excel Connectivity
Tutorial 10Capital Cost EstimationAspen Capital Cost Estimator
Tutorial 11Optimal Heat Exchanger NetworksAspen Energy Analyzer
Tutorial 12Electrolytes and Solvent-Based CO2 CaptureUsing electrolyte models for modelling carbon dioxide capture
Bonus 1Solids Processing and Electrolyte ChemistryBasic solids modelling. ElecNRTL. True vs Apparent components
Bonus 2Parallel Computing and Python AutomationUsing Aspen Multi-Case for parallel computing. Use Python for automation, parallel computing, and optimization
Bonus 3Batch ProcessingUse new Batch Processing flowsheet features
Bonus 4Choosing Property PackagesHow to select the best physical property packages for your simulation
SolutionsVisual solutions (using screen captures) to all problems in the text.
Command IndexVisual guide to commands used in the book
Music IndexExtra fun!

Solution Files

Solution files are available! You can get the latest versions from the LAPSE repository. The below link will take you to the most recent version of each file. You can download them all in bulk or just take the ones you want.

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Learn Aspen Plus in 24 Hours
Learn Aspen Plus in 24 Hours by Thomas A. Adams II