Are you interested in contributing materials to the PSE Community?

You can help by:

  • Creating educational modules for students, courses, and professional development
  • Writing books on PSE Software, Methods, and Tools
  • Writing book chapters and additional information
  • Participating in or moderating discussion boards and user groups
  • Submitting your work to the LAPSE repository
  • Contributing to the PSE Technology Tree Wiki
  • Serving as curator for LAPSE or the PSE Tech Tree Wiki (we need them!)
  • Posting slides for your conference presentations on LAPSE.
  • Providing news tips or serving as a front page editor

Student feedback and participation is especially welcome!

To find out more about what you can do, please contact


This website has developed over the past few years based on suggestions by various members of the PSE community. We want to be a tool for fostering the development, sharing, and access to PSE technical knowledge. We are particularly interested in the “open sourcing” of source code, models, simulations, and other tools used in PSE which we need to do a much better job of sharing.

Volunteer positions needed:

We are looking for anyone interested in helping with the following job titles:

  • Front page editor
  • Wiki editor
  • LAPSE curator
  • Advisory board member

This website is run by volunteers and relies on donations from professional organizations to pay for technology requirements such as website hosting and support software. All proceeds go toward website development. If your organization would like to contribute, please contact or see the funding page for more information. We do a lot with very little, and a little bit goes a long way.