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Assessment of feasibility and benefits of replacing bioethanol with biobutanol in the transportation fuels industry
Merissa Wiebe, Thomas Alan Adams II
November 21, 2018 (v1)
Subject: Energy Policy
Keywords: Biobutanol, Butanol, Ethanol, Transportation Fuels
In recent years there has been a strong drive towards transitioning the transportation fuels market to a sustainable alternative. Biofuels has emerged as one of the solutions and is receiving a great deal of focus in research, industry, and politics. Ethanol is currently the most popular biofuel, but butanol has been acknowledged as a superior alternative in several regards. In this paper, the chemical and physical properties of butanol are compared to ethanol and gasoline. In addition, the feasibility of a butanol-based economy is assessed in terms of available supply, compatibility in spark ignition engines in terms of performance and emissions, and ability to easily transport, store, and dispense the fuel. Life cycle assessments of biobutanol are also reviewed, which ultimately suggest that butanol has the potential to be a sustainable alternative. However, the yield of biobutanol production via ABE fermentation, the primary process currently utilized to produce the fuel, is low. Ad... [more]
LAPSE Stakeholder Report 2018
LAPSE Interessenter Rapport 2018
Thomas A. Adams II
July 16, 2018 (v1)
Subject: Other
Keywords: LAPSE, Stakeholder report
This is the LAPSE stakeholder report for 2018, including news, new features, and the plan for the next year.
Dette er det LAPSE interessenter rapport for 2018, inkludert nyheter, nye funksjoner, og planen for neste år.
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