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Adjustable Robust Optimization for Planning Logistics Operations in Downstream Oil Networks
Camilo Lima, Susana Relvas, Ana Barbosa-PĆ³voa, Juan M. Morales
October 26, 2019 (v1)
Keywords: distribution, oil supply chain, Planning, robust optimization, uncertainty
The oil industry operates in a very uncertain marketplace, where uncertain conditions can engender oil production fluctuations, order cancellation, transportation delays, etc. Uncertainty may arise from several sources and inexorably affect its management by interfering in the associated decision-making, increasing costs and decreasing margins. In this context, companies often must make fast and precise decisions based on inaccurate information about their operations. The development of mathematical programming techniques in order to manage oil networks under uncertainty is thus a very relevant and timely issue. This paper proposes an adjustable robust optimization approach for the optimization of the refined products distribution in a downstream oil network under uncertainty in market demands. Alternative optimization techniques are studied and employed to tackle this planning problem under uncertainty, which is also cast as a non-adjustable robust optimization problem and a stochasti... [more]
HVDC-System-Interaction Assessment through Line-Flow Change-Distribution Factor and Transient-Stability Analysis at Planning Stage
Sungchul Hwang, Jaegul Lee, Gilsoo Jang
February 27, 2019 (v1)
Subject: Other
Keywords: high-voltage direct current (HVDC), interaction, Planning, transient stability
Many of the recent projects for new transmission line have considered the high-voltage direct current (HVDC) system, owing to the many advantages of the direct current (DC) system. The most noteworthy advantage is that a cable can serve as a substitute for the overhead transmission line in residential areas; therefore, the HVDC system application is increasing, and as the number of DC systems in the power system increases, the interaction assessment regarding the HVDC system gains importance. An index named multi-infeed interaction factor (MIIF) is commonly used to estimate the interaction between power converters; however, the HVDC system is composed of two converters and a transmission line. The MIIF represents the interaction between the rectifiers and inverters, but not for the whole system. In this work, a method to assess the interaction of the whole system was therefore studied. To decide on the location of the new HVDC transmission system at the planning stage, in consideration... [more]
Comparison of the Location and Rating of Energy Storage for Renewables Integration in Residential Low Voltage Networks with Overvoltage Constraints
Andrew F. Crossland, Darren Jones, Neal S. Wade, Sara L. Walker
September 21, 2018 (v1)
Keywords: battery energy storage systems, distributed generation, low voltage distribution network, Planning
Expansion of photovoltaic (PV) generation is increasing the challenge for network operators to keep voltages within operational limits. Voltage rise occurs in low voltage (LV) networks when distributed generators export, particularly at times of low demand. However, there is little work quantifying the scale of voltage issues and subsequently potential solutions across large numbers of real networks. In this paper, a method is presented to analyse a large quantity of geographically and topographically varying distribution networks. The impact of PV on voltages in 9163 real LV distribution networks is then quantified. One potential mitigation measure is increased network demand to reduce voltages. In this work, location algorithms are used to identify where increased demand, through energy storage, has the greatest effect on overvoltage. The study explores the impact on overvoltage of two modes of storage installation reflecting differing routes to adoption: purchase of storage by homeo... [more]
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