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Exergy Tables: Aspen Simulation Examples
Eksergitabeller: Aspen Plus simuleringseksempler
Thomas A. Adams II
January 25, 2023 (v1)
Example Aspen Plus chemical process simulations used in the book Exergy Tables: A Comprehensive Set of Exergy Values to Streamline Energy Efficiency Analysis, by Lingyan Deng, Thomas A. Adams II, and Truls Gundersen (McGraw-Hill Education, 2023). The examples are:

1. Medium-pressure steam generation using a natural-gas powered boiler
2. Medium-pressure steam generation using a natural-gas powered boiler with an economizer
3. Medium-pressure steam generation using an off-gas powered boiler
4. Postcombustion CO2 capture using diglycolamine (DGA) with CCS

Note, stream conditions may vary slightly from those in the book when simulated with different versions of the software.

Files are Aspen Plus v12.1, but should be openable on any version 12.1 or later.
Interactive Computing Activities as Chemical Engineering Educational Tools in University and Informal Learning Environments
Ashlee N. Ford Versypt
December 20, 2022 (v1)
Subject: Education
Keywords: computational science, faculty development, graphical user interface, Numerical Methods, STEM outreach, undergraduate curriculum
The central theme of this webinar is computer-based tools made broadly accessible to students, educators, researchers, and lay people. Major platforms discussed include graphical user interfaces (GUIs), interactive notebooks (e.g., Jupyter Notebooks and MATLAB Live Scripts), and GitHub repositories. These tools have been used in instructing and engaging undergraduate chemical engineering students, preparing faculty for using these tools, training undergraduate and graduate students for computational research in science and engineering, and introducing lay audiences to chemical engineering concepts in informal learning environments outside of the classroom. These and other resources are available in a collection of open-source materials available at Also in this collection is an open-source learning module that the presenter created and packaged (with support from CACHE) for an upper division/graduate elective course, focused on practical computational scienc... [more]