CCEC 2023

Extended Abstracts for papers accepted to selected sessions of the Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference 2023 are now open. This will be published as Systems and Control Transactions, Volume 3.

Nicolas Hudon (Queens University)
Martino Fontana (University of Sherbrooke)
Federico Galli (University of Sherbrooke)
Hossein Hejazi (University of Calgary)

Extended Abstract Submission Instructions

1. Download [this template].

2. Create your extended abstract using the template and styles contained within. We are accepting abstracts of any length, but we recommend 5-8 pages. These are not peer reviewed, but you may get some feedback and suggestions for changes from the guest editors.

3. Sign the attached [license release form]

4. Email both to with “CSChE 2023” in the subject. 

5. The deadline for submissions is October 26, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a fee? NO. There is no cost to submit an extended abstract.

2. Is it open access? YES. All conference proceedings will be available on LAPSE, free for anyone to download. The work is licensed through Creative Commons CC-BY-SA

3. Will this be peer reviewed? NO. For this conference, only extended abstracts are published (no peer review).

4. What is Systems and Control Transactions? It is an open access book series primarily containing conference proceedings. Each conference is organised differently, and so each book is organised differently. See the series home page for more information.

5. Who owns the copyright? You retain the copyright, but you agree to license PSE Press to publish the work.