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Mechanistic Models of Inducible Synthetic Circuits for Joint Description of DNA Copy Number, Regulatory Protein Level, and Cell Load
Lorenzo Pasotti, Massimo Bellato, Davide De Marchi, Paolo Magni
July 5, 2019 (v1)
Subject: Biosystems
Keywords: bottom-up design, cell load, copy number, inducible promoter, mathematical modeling, mechanistic model, synthetic biology
Accurate predictive mathematical models are urgently needed in synthetic biology to support the bottom-up design of complex biological systems, minimizing trial-and-error approaches. The majority of models used so far adopt empirical Hill functions to describe activation and repression in exogenously-controlled inducible promoter systems. However, such equations may be poorly predictive in practical situations that are typical in bottom-up design, including changes in promoter copy number, regulatory protein level, and cell load. In this work, we derived novel mechanistic steady-state models of the lux inducible system, used as case study, relying on different assumptions on regulatory protein (LuxR) and cognate promoter (Plux) concentrations, inducer-protein complex formation, and resource usage limitation. We demonstrated that a change in the considered model assumptions can significantly affect circuit output, and preliminary experimental data are in accordance with the simulated ac... [more]
Data Science-Enabled Molecular-to-Systems Engineering for Sustainable Water Technologies
Elvis Eugene, William Phillip, Alexander Dowling
June 28, 2019 (v2)
Keywords: Bayesian optimization, design of experiments, fit-for-purpose water, inverse materials design, materials informatics, superstructure optimization, uncertainty quantification
Growing social and economic pressures demand technological innovations that enable the widespread usage of unconventional sources of water (e.g., seawa- ter, grey water). This motivates the emerging fit-for-purpose paradigm, wherein water is provided at the precise quality level of the intended application. Un- fortunately, to date, the fundamental advances in materials and nanosystems engineering have been slow to advance this paradigm. We highlight the critical need to bridge scientific research at the molecular and nano-scales and tech- nology development at the device and systems scales for the implementation of sustainable fit-for-purpose water infrastructure. Specifically, we present four pil- lars from computational and data sciences to bridge between scientific research and technology development, namely superstructure optimization, model-based design of experiments, inverse material design, and uncertainty quantification. As such, we highlight opportunities to collaboratively... [more]
Techno-economic and environmental analyses of a novel, sustainable process for production of liquid fuels using helium heat transfer
Leila Hoseinzade, Thomas A Adams II
June 25, 2019 (v1)
Keywords: Biomass, Carbonless heat, Dimethyl Ether, Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, Gasification, Methane Reforming, Negative emissions
In this paper, several new processes are proposed which co-generate electricity and liquid fuels (such as diesel, gasoline, or dimethyl ether) from biomass, natural gas and heat from a high temperature gas-cooled reactor. This carbonless heat provides the required energy to drive an endothermic steam methane reforming process, which yields H2-rich syngas (H2/CO > 6) with lower greenhouse gas emissions than traditional steam methane reforming processes. Since downstream Fischer-Tropsch, methanol, or dimethyl ether synthesis processes require an H2/CO ratio of around 2, biomass gasification is integrated into the process. Biomass-derived syngas is sufficiently H2-lean such that blending it with the steam methane reforming derived syngas yields a syngas of the appropriate H2/CO ratio of around 2. In a prior work, we also demonstrated that integrating carbonless heat with combined steam and CO2 reforming of methane is a promising option to produce a syngas with proper H2/CO ratio for Fisch... [more]
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