Aspen Plus Simulation of a Rectisol Process for Blue Hydrogen Production
March 12, 2021
This is an Aspen Plus v12 model for a Rectisol process used for removing CO2 from a shifted syngas stream arising from steam methane reforming for the purposes of Blue hydrogen production. It is intended for educational use, and is useful as a starting point for those interested in simulating this process. It is not optimized in any way, but it contains a working flowsheet for those interested in modifying it for your own purposes.

The simulation was developed using the simulation strategy given in Adams TA II, Khojestah Salkuyeh Y, Nease J. Processes and Simulations for Solvent-based CO2Capture and Syngas Cleanup. Chapter in: Reactor and process design for in sustainable energy technology. Elsevier (2014). Pages 163-232. ISBN: 978-0-444-59566-9. It is based on the process discussed in Doctor RD, Molburg JC, Thimmapuram PR, Berry GF, Livengood CD. Gasification combined cycle: carbon dioxide recovery, transport, and disposal. US DOE Report, Argonne National Laboratory ANL/ESD-24. 1994.
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Adams TA II. Aspen Plus Simulation of a Rectisol Process for Blue Hydrogen Production. (2021). LAPSE:2021.0100
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Adams TA II: McMaster Unviersity [ORCID] [Google Scholar]
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Aspen Plus v12 Simulation
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Mar 12, 2021
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