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McMaster University Course Lectures in Energy Systems Engineering
December 17, 2018
Lecture slides from the Fall 2018 CHEM ENG 4A03/6A03 Energy System Engineering course at McMaster University are attached. Energy Systems Engineering is a survey course that discusses many ways in which energy products are produced, transported, converted, and consumed in our society today. The lectures correspond to two 50-minute lectures a week for 13 weeks (some slide decks take 2 or 3 lectures to complete). The course cannot cover all energy systems of course, but focus mostly on large-scale or common processes either in use today or currently in development and research. The course takes a chemical engineering perspective so more attention is paid to processes and thermochemical phenomena and less attention is paid to issues related to mechanical engineering or electrical engineering, although there is some intersection.

The lecture slides include the following topics:

1.1. Life Cycle Analysis (basic review)
1.2. Key Metrics in Energy Systems
2.1. Coal Production
2.2. Natural Gas Production
2.3. Biomass Harvesting
2.4. Petroleum Production
3.1. Pulverized Coal Power Plants
3.2. Natural Gas Power Plats
3.3. Nuclear Power Plants
3.4. Solar Energy
3.5. Wind Energy
4.1. Gasification and IGCC
4.2. CO2 Capture and Sequestration
4.3. Oxyfuel Combustion
4.4. Chemical Looping Combustion
4.5. Fuel Cells
5.1. Petroleum Refining
5.2. Biofuels
5.3. Synthetic Transportation Fuels (including Fischer-Tropsch)
5.4. Alternative Transportation Fuels
6.1. District Energy

All content was created by Thomas A. Adams II, except for Nina Silva Montiero who made Lecture 6.1. The course does not have one specific textbook associated with it but instead draws from a wide variety of books, reports, journal articles, and government sources. Citations are given at the bottom of each individual slide.
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