FIPSE 4.5 Webinar: Vaccine Manufacturing

As we reported earlier, readers may be interested in an upcoming webinar on Vaccine Manufacturing as it relates to Process Systems Engineering.

The dates have now been finalized for June 22, 16:00-18:00 London time, and June 24 9:00-11:00 London time. These two sessions feature the same agenda and are repeated to allow a convenient time option wherever you are on the planet.

The agenda includes:

  1. The mission of the FIPSE conferences (14 min) 
    • Christos Georgakis, Tufts U., FIPSE Trustee & President
  2. FIPSE 1 to 4: What has been tried and achieved (14 min)
    • Dominique Bonvin, EPFL,  FIPSE Trustee & Treasurer
  3. Presentation on: “Quality by Digital Design for vaccine process development and manufacturing” (30 min)
    • Cleo Kontoravdi, Imperial College
  4. Panel discussion (45 min) 
    • Claire Adjiman, Imperial College  FIPSE Trustee, Panel Chair,
    • Cleo Kontoravdi, Imperial College, Panelist
    • Cristiana Campa, GlaxoSmithKline, Panelist
    • Christos Varsakelis, Janssen Pharmaceutical, Panelist
    • Julia O’Neill, Moderna, Panelist (only in the first session)

For more information and registration, check out the event website.


Thomas A. Adams II

Professor of Energy and Process Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).