Research Engineering @ Cargill in Modelling and Simulation

Cargill, Inc. has posted a position of interest to PSE readers. The position is in the Data Sciences team in Minneapolis, MN, USA. According to the posting, the candidate will:

Develop and deploy simulation and optimization models to drive strategic and tactical decisions that (i) improve the sustainability of the food supply chain from farm to fork and (ii) help develop and improve processes for bio-based products

The minimum qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or related fields, experience with modelling and simulation, as well as working with object oriented programming languages, among others. Preferred qualifications include a MaSC or PhD, experience with commercial modelling solvers, model development, and applications in metabolic modelling or fermentation. See the full posting for more information.

Ashwin Chemburkar from Cargill writes:

The ideal candidate has good collaboration and communication skills, broad conceptual strength, and is eager to shape the application of numerical techniques in food and agricultural processes. The ideal candidate is also self-motivated, creative, and able to develop new approaches that address the unique and complex problems that we encounter. You will also have the opportunity to work with a variety of different businesses and to develop strong relationships in order to ensure realization of value.

Be sure to mention that you saw this post on when inquiring or applying!

Thomas A. Adams II

Professor of Chemical Engineering at McMaster University