CCEC 2021 Conference Proceedings Now Available

This year, the Systems & Control division published a conference proceedings called “CSChE Systems and Control Transactions Vol 1” corresponding with the Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference 2021 in Montréal, Quebéc.


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Biotechnology and Global Health

Set membership Estimation for Dynamic Flux Balance Models
Xin Shen and Hector Budman

Towards the Development of a Diagnostic Test for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Big Data Meets Metabolomics
Juergen Hahn

Dynamic Modelling of T Cell Vaccination Response
Alisa C. Douglas, Thomas A. Adams II, and David A. Christian

Ozone Sterilization of N95 Masks
Mohammad Irfan Malik, Karen Bechwaty, François Guitzhofer, and Inès Esma Achouri

A Study of Factors Affecting Iron Uptake from a Functionalized Hibiscus Beverage
Ade. O. Oyewole and Levente L. Diosady

Industrial Applications in Process Systems Engineering

Lessons Learned from Three Decades of Global Automation Experience Across Five Industries
Lane Desborough

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Process Systems Engineering

Detection and Diagnosis of Ring Formation in Rotary Lime Kilns
Lee D. Rippon, Barry Hirtz, Carl Sheehan, Travis Reinheimer, Cilius van der Merwe, Philip Loewen, and Bhushan Gopaluni

Process Systems Engineering for Energy and the Environment

Constant Power Generation by Scheduling Installation of SOFC Modules Operating in Varying Power Mode
Mina Naeini, Thomas A. Adams II, and James S. Cotton

Bypass Control of HEN Under Uncertainty in Inlet Temperature of Hot Stream
Chaitanya Manchikatla, Zukui Li, and Biao Huang

Purification methods for Captured CO2 from Petroleum Coke Oxy-Combustion Power Plants
Tia Ghantous, Ikenna J. Okeke, and Thomas A. Adams II

Methodologies and Fundamentals in Process Systems Engineering

Adaptive State Feedback Stabilization of Generalized Hamiltonian Systems with Unstructured Components
Seyedabbas Alavi and Nicolas Hudon

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