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Bypass Control of HEN Under Uncertainty in Inlet Temperature of Hot Stream
Chaitanya Manchikatla, Zukui Li, Biao Huang
October 21, 2021
The dynamic control of Heat Exchanger Network is significant for developing energy efficient and safe industrial processes. In this project, the hot stream's inlet temperature is considered uncertain because it is common in industries. The cold stream is bypassed around the heat exchanger. This project aims to track the setpoint temperature of the mixed stream by manipulating the bypass fraction of the cold stream around the Heat Exchanger given uncertainty in the inlet temperature of the hot stream. The control is implemented in Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) framework. The uncertainty in the optimal control problem (OCP)is dealt by using scenario tree based approximation as well as affine policy based method. The model of the system considered is based on the first principles model, i.e. dynamic model of shell and tube heat exchanger. The Orthogonal collocation technique is used to discretize the first principles model into the system of algebraic equations. The results show that for the possible scenarios of uncertainty, the control variable efficiently tracks setpoint using input from uncertain optimization. The performance of the proposed control method is also demonstrated using step-change in set-point. In comparison, considering the same scenarios of uncertainty used, the graph of the control variable simulated using input obtained from deterministic optimization shows the control variable deviates from the setpoint as time passes.
Affine Control Policy, Heat Exchanger Network, Model Predictive Control, Uncertain Optimization
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Manchikatla C, Li Z, Huang B. Bypass Control of HEN Under Uncertainty in Inlet Temperature of Hot Stream. (2021). LAPSE:2021.0794
Author Affiliations
Manchikatla C: University of Alberta
Li Z: University of Alberta
Huang B: University of Alberta
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CSChE Systems & Control Transactions
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Proceedings of the Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference 2021, October 24-27, Montréal, Québec, Canada
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Oct 21, 2021
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