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Constant Power Generation by Scheduling Installation of SOFC Modules Operating in Varying Power Mode
Mina Naeini, Thomas A Adams, James S Cotton
October 21, 2021
In this paper, producing constant power load of 550 MW from systems of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) operating in varying power output mode was investigated. This is useful because previous research has shown that individual cells can have significant lifetime extensions when operated according to certain dynamic trajectories in which power production decreases over time. In this study, we determined that a constant net power output of a system comprised of many individual SOFC modules can be achieved by scheduling the installation and operation of each SOFC module in a particular manner. All the modules were operated under the optimal operating conditions obtained in our previous optimization study where power output of each module declined over time. The dynamic degradation of SOFCs was taken into ac-count by using a detailed mathematical model of long-term performance degradation as a function of operating conditions. The result is a system in which every 5 days, one new SOFC module is brought online, replacing one module near the end of its useable life at the same time. With this staggered approach, the overall power output of the system can be maintained at an almost constant level at all times (550 MW for our example). The new module then gradually reduces its power output over time according to an optimal trajectory. With this approach, the overall system can produce an essentially constant supply of power at lower costs than a traditional approach where all SOFC modules within a large system are each operated at constant power.
constant power output, optimal operating conditions, optimal operating mode, performance degradation, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
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Naeini M, Adams TA, Cotton JS. Constant Power Generation by Scheduling Installation of SOFC Modules Operating in Varying Power Mode. (2021). LAPSE:2021.0793
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Naeini M: McMaster University
Adams TA: McMaster University [ORCID] [Google Scholar]
Cotton JS: McMaster University
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CSChE Systems & Control Transactions
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Proceedings of the Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference 2021, October 24-27, Montréal, Québec, Canada
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Oct 21, 2021
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