Postdoc position on Blue Hydrogen Production at NTNU

Department of Chemical Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is seeking a Post-Doctoral candidate for research on the production of BLUE HYDROGEN, i.e. hydrogen from natural gas with CO2 capture and sequestration. 

The position will be part of a team of researchers from NTNU, SINTEF Energy, IFE, and the process industry and will involve modeling, simulation, and optimization of process systems. New process concepts will be benchmarked against more established concepts with respect to the economy, scalability, operability, energy efficiency, and sustainability. 

The supervisor is professor Magne Hillestad. Please go to the link below, JobbNorge, for more information and send in an application.

Editor’s Note: This is different from a recently posted postdoc position at NTNU with a similar topic.

Thomas A. Adams II

Professor of Chemical Engineering at McMaster University

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