Announcing the PSE Press

We are delighted to announce the PSE Press! The PSE Press is an imprint of Its purpose to advance’s mission of free and open dissemination of process systems engineering knowledge through publication of research results. The PSE Press will help not-for-profit organizations to publish conference proceedings, transactions, or white papers in an open-access format at low cost.

How it Works

The PSE Press acts as the publisher. We work with the society, conference, or non-profit organization (including individual researchers at universities or government institutions) to help you disseminate your results. Common examples might be:

  • Peer reviewed conference proceedings
  • Non-peer reviewed conference extended abstracts
  • White papers and position papers from individual researchers or groups

The PSE Press is not a journal and currently does not act as publisher for journals. The PSE Press also works only with conferences typically associated with a non-profit professional society, government agency, or university.


We can provide hosting through LAPSE. For example, each conference proceeding can be placed on LAPSE for archiving, indexing, and linking to other digital materials. This makes it easy to link written materials like abstracts or papers to digital materials like simulations, spreadsheets, and source code.

  • All submissions receive a LAPSE ID
  • Whole white papers, books, or proceedings can be posted as one unit with one LAPSE ID, and/or:
  • Individual papers within larger books, proceedings, or transactions can be individually posted, each with its own LAPSE ID.

Open Access

To fit the mission of the, all publications must be made free and open access. When submissions are (automatically) deposited to LAPSE, this will satisfy certain accessibility requirements for open access to research results by many funding agencies worldwide.


In most circumstances, authors retain copyright, but agree to license the material perpetually to the PSE Press and with publication and use permissions.

Authors are responsible for ensuring that all text and figures are original, and not published in any other form. Re-use of figures is possible in some circumstances if permissions have been released by the copyright holder. The authors are responsible for securing and documenting this permission.


Publication fees are based on costs associated with publishing, and are negotiated on a case by case basis. Since is not-for-profit, any funds received in excess of costs will be used for other activities in support of its mission.


All publications made with PSE Press will be digital and free open access. However, dead-tree printing can be arranged. This may be desirable for conference proceedings, for example. However, the PSE Press does not provide marketing, distribution, handling, or sales services.

Republishing Conference Proceedings or Extended Abstracts in Research Journals

For most conference proceedings or extended abstract, the material may not be republished in a research journal in the same form. However, journals may allow the inclusion of material that was published in a conference proceeding or extended abstract as long as the “full” paper in the research journal contains substantially more information that was not included in the original publication. The text should be rewritten or substantially modified to avoid plagiarism (even self-plagiarism) which could violate journal policies or copyrights. Contact specific journals for more information on their policies.


For information, or to get in touch with us about publishing with PSE Press, contact

Thomas A. Adams II

Professor of Energy and Process Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).