PhD Positions at Wayne State University

Prof. Helen Durand is recruiting PhD students for a variety of research projects of interest to readers. She writes to us:

“Our group (which we call Research Group Discovery) is a team of creative engineers seeking to work on high-impact and exciting problems for engineering.  Our work generally focuses on control design and theory, with a core expertise of our group being model predictive control, with the goal of enabling new capabilities in manufacturing and cyberphysical systems.

Examples of some projects going on in our group right now:

  1. Investigating how we can avoid negative consequences from cyberattacks on control systems
  2. Investigating the use of quantum computers for implementing control actions
  3. Investigating the computational design and control of materials
  4. Computational fluid dynamics and structural modeling for processes such as powder bed fusion (additive manufacturing) or a heat transfer process

Students interested in applying to our group should be team-oriented, determined, and interested in working on and learning about a wide variety of topics.”

Please email with any questions or to express interest in applying.  Those interested in applying should include a resume and transcript and state in their email why they are interested in getting a PhD and working in Research Group Discovery. And as always, be sure to mention that you saw the posting on

Thomas A. Adams II

Professor of Chemical Engineering at McMaster University