New Book: Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems

Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems (MDPI, 496 pp.)edited by Prof. Thomas A. Adams II, is now available from MDPI. The pdf of the book is available for free as an open access book, and hardcopies are available for purchase. Each chapter contains peer-reviewed research contributions concerning energy systems, particularly as it pertains to chemical process systems engineering. The contributors are leading researchers at major world universities such as Cal Poly, IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, King Abdulaziz University, Mälardalen, McMaster University, Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy,  Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Purdue, Queen’s, Technical University of Denmark, Technische Universität Berlin, Texas A&M, Universidad de la República, University of Alberta, University of Connecticut, University of Pennsylvania, University of Technology Sydney, University of Toronto, West Virginia, Yale, and more.

The book begins with a field-wide of over 300 research papers in energy systems modeling, identifies new and important trends, and proposed a general taxonomy of the field. Each subsequent chapter covers a selected research topic on the area:

Design of Energy Systems

  • Integrating renewable energy in offshore power plants
  • Geothermal energy using organic Rankine cycles
  • Adsorption refrigeration
  • Transersterification of triolein to produce biofuels
  • Liquefied natural gas heat exchanger network design
  • Producing oligomers and alkanes at the shale gas wellhead
  • Thermal energy storage for concentrated solar power
  • Energy/water systems integration
  • Work.heat exchanger network synthesis

Control of Energy Systems

  • Controlling supercritical pulverized coal for load following
  • Controlled combustion of wasted-derived fuels
  • Fault detection in micro-gas turbine systems
  • Control of integrated reformer-membrane fuel cell systems
  • Disturbance handling in post-combustion CO2 capture

Operation of Energy Systems

  • Optimal load changes in load-following subcritical pulverized coal power plants
  • Optimal scheduling of grid level energy storage with batteries
  • Optimal natural gas transport network operations
  • Naphtha recovery unit operations

Analysis of Energy Systems

  • Life cycle analysis of integrated renewables and energy storage
  • Energy and exergy analysis of supercritical CO2 Brayton cycles

The book is a reprint of the corresponding special issue Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems in the journal Processes.

Thomas A. Adams II

Professor of Energy and Process Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).