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Maximizing Our Impact: A call for the standardization of techno-economic analyses for sustainable energy systems design research
July 17, 2019. Originally submitted on July 11, 2019
This presentation makes the case for the development of a new ISO standard for conduction eco-technoeconomic analyses (eTEAs) within the field of energy systems engineering and chemical process systems engineering. The talk provides a motivating example of a recent study that showed how standardization of eTEAs made it possible to make fair comparisons between different types of power plants using carbon capture and sequestration by using eTEAs reported in the literature that have been converted to certain standards. That lead to informed decisions which were not possible without standardization methods, because it major variables are controlled such that analyses can focus on the value of the process concept itself rather than external factors like size, financing, and case-specific assumptions. Then, the talk outlines how the proposed ISO standards would work, their goals and scope, examples of standard practices, methods, and assumptions that could be used and what they might look like. The talk ends with a call for interested stakeholders to participate in the standardization process.
eco-Technoeconomic Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis, Standardization, Technoeconomic Analysis
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Adams TA II. Maximizing Our Impact: A call for the standardization of techno-economic analyses for sustainable energy systems design research. (2019). LAPSE:2019.0620
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Adams TA II: McMaster University [ORCID] [Google Scholar]
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Foundations of Computer Aided Process Design 2019 (FOCAPD 2019)
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Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA
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Jul 17, 2019
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