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A novel sustainable design for production of liquid fuels
Leila Hoseinzade, Thomas A Adams II
October 30, 2018
In this study, a novel biomass-gas-and-nuclear-to-liquids (BGNTL) process is proposed. In this process, nuclear heat is used as the heat source of a steam methane reforming (SMR) process. In a prior work, a rigorous model was developed for the integrated nuclear heat and steam methane reforming process in the gPROMS software package. This model was applied to simulate the integrated nuclear heat and SMR section of BGNTL in Aspen Plus within the other process sections. The BGNTL process was considered for producing different fuels including gasoline & diesel or dimethyl ether (DME). Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is considered as an optional section. The performance of the BGNTL process was compared against a non-nuclear process called biomass-and-gas-to-liquids (BGTL). The efficiency, economics, and environmental impact analyses show that the BGNTL process to produce DME is the most efficient, economic and environmentally friendly process among the considered designs. As a result of this process integration, an efficiency of up to 54 HHV% and a net present value of $600 million can be achieved without using the optional carbon capture system. Furthermore, the cradle-to-grave greenhouse gas emission analysis indicate that BGNTL to DME process without carbon capture and storage has 57% and 25% lower emissions than a coal-to-DME and natural gas-to-DME processes, respectively. In additions, it was found that all the studied designs leads a net negative greenhouse gas emissions when carbon capture and storage option is enabled.
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Hoseinzade L, Adams TA II. A novel sustainable design for production of liquid fuels. (2018). LAPSE:2018.0811
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Hoseinzade L: McMaster University
Adams TA II: McMaster University
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CSCHE 2018
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Toronto, Canada
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Oct 30, 2018
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