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Future directions in process and product synthesis and design
June 25, 2018
We present an overview of the current state-of-the-art of the field of chemical process and product synthesis and design. In this talk, we outline some of the most interesting new challenges and directions for the field, including: new pushes for including renewable energy into chemical systems, related issues with energy storage, the move toward flexible and unsteady-state chemical processes, the considerations of uncertainty into the design process, new advances in specialty processes, process intensification, modularization, and more. Also, we announce and present the PSE Technology Tree Wiki, a community-based encyclopedia for the PSE community that organizes concepts into a technology tree. We also announce and present LAPSE: the Living Archive for Process Systems Engineering, a new open-data / open-access repository for the PSE community, which contains unique and innovative features designed to foster better dissemination of research, easy access to open models and simulations, and presentation of connected concepts.
Future Directions, LAPSE, Process Design, Product Design, PSE Technology Tree
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Martín M, Adams TA II. Future directions in process and product synthesis and design. (2018). LAPSE:2018.0143
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Martín M: University of Salamanca [Google Scholar]
Adams TA II: McMaster University [ORCID] [Google Scholar]
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Process Systems Engineering 2018 (PSE 2018)
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San Diego, California, USA
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Jun 25, 2018
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