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Records with Keyword: Big Data
How to Generate Economic and Sustainability Reports from Big Data? Qualifications of Process Industry
Esa Hämäläinen, Tommi Inkinen
July 31, 2018 (v1)
Keywords: Big Data, economic efficiency, economic geography, process industry, sustainability
Big Data may introduce new opportunities, and for this reason it has become a mantra among most industries. This paper focuses on examining how to develop cost and sustainable reporting by utilizing Big Data that covers economic values, production volumes, and emission information. We assume strongly that this use supports cleaner production, while at the same time offers more information for revenue and profitability development. We argue that Big Data brings company-wide business benefits if data queries and interfaces are built to be interactive, intuitive, and user-friendly. The amount of information related to operations, costs, emissions, and the supply chain would increase enormously if Big Data was used in various manufacturing industries. It is essential to expose the relevant correlations between different attributes and data fields. Proper algorithm design and programming are key to making the most of Big Data. This paper introduces ideas on how to refine raw data into valua... [more]
Big Data Analytics for Smart Manufacturing: Case Studies in Semiconductor Manufacturing
James Moyne, Jimmy Iskandar
July 31, 2018 (v1)
Keywords: anomaly detection, Big Data, predictive analytics, predictive maintenance, process control, semiconductor manufacturing, smart manufacturing
Smart manufacturing (SM) is a term generally applied to the improvement in manufacturing operations through integration of systems, linking of physical and cyber capabilities, and taking advantage of information including leveraging the big data evolution. SM adoption has been occurring unevenly across industries, thus there is an opportunity to look to other industries to determine solution and roadmap paths for industries such as biochemistry or biology. The big data evolution affords an opportunity for managing significantly larger amounts of information and acting on it with analytics for improved diagnostics and prognostics. The analytics approaches can be defined in terms of dimensions to understand their requirements and capabilities, and to determine technology gaps. The semiconductor manufacturing industry has been taking advantage of the big data and analytics evolution by improving existing capabilities such as fault detection, and supporting new capabilities such as predict... [more]
Deterministic Global Optimization with Artificial Neural Networks Embedded
Global deterministische Optimierung von Optimierungsproblemen mit künstlichen neuronalen Netzwerken
Artur M Schweidtmann, Alexander Mitsos
October 15, 2018 (v2)
Subject: Optimization
Artificial neural networks (ANNs) are used in various applications for data-driven black-box modeling and subsequent optimization. Herein, we present an efficient method for deterministic global optimization of ANN embedded optimization problems. The proposed method is based on relaxations of algorithms using McCormick relaxations in a reduced-space [\textit{SIOPT}, 20 (2009), pp. 573-601] including the convex and concave envelopes of the nonlinear activation function of ANNs. The optimization problem is solved using our in-house global deterministic solver MAiNGO. The performance of the proposed method is shown in four optimization examples: an illustrative function, a fermentation process, a compressor plant and a chemical process optimization. The results show that computational solution time is favorable compared to the global general-purpose optimization solver BARON.
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