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Mass Transfer in Multiphasic Gas/Liquid/Liquid Systems. KLa Determination Using the Effectiveness-Number of Transfer Unit Method
Éric Dumont
April 8, 2019 (v1)
Subject: Materials
Keywords: Absorption, effectiveness-NTU method, KLa, mass transfer, TPPB, VOC
The Effectiveness-Number of Transfer Unit method (ε-NTU method) was applied to determine the overall mass transfer coefficient, KLa, of operating gas-liquid absorbers treating Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This method requires the knowledge of the operating conditions (gas flow rate, QG; liquid flow rate, QL; scrubber volume V), the measurement of gaseous concentrations at the inlet, CGin, and at the outlet, CGout, of the contactor (in order to determine the effectiveness of the absorber ε) and the calculation of the Henry coefficient of the VOC between the gas and the liquid phases (HVOC). Coupled with the “equivalent absorption capacity„ concept, the ε-NTU method was used to determine KLa of absorbers contacting a gas and a mixture of water and a Non Aqueous Phase, successfully. The method, validated from literature data for configurations countercurrent scrubbers and stirred tank reactors, could be used to simply determine the overall mass transfer coefficient of systems for wh... [more]
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