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Records with Keyword: Stochastic Optimization
Accelerated Model Predictive Control for Electric Vehicle Integrated Microgrid Energy Management: A Hybrid Robust and Stochastic Approach
Zhenya Ji, Xueliang Huang, Changfu Xu, Houtao Sun
February 5, 2019 (v1)
Keywords: Benders decomposition, electric vehicle, energy management system, microgrid, robust optimization, scenario-based model predictive control, Stochastic Optimization
A microgrid with an advanced energy management approach is a feasible solution for accommodating the development of distributed generators (DGs) and electric vehicles (EVs). At the primary stage of development, the total number of EVs in a microgrid is fairly small but increases promptly. Thus, it makes most prediction models for EV charging demand difficult to apply at present. To overcome the inadaptability, a novel robust approach is proposed to handle EV charging demand predictions along with demand-side management (DSM) on the condition of satisfying each EV user’s demand. Variables with stochastic forecast models join the objective function in the form of probability-constrained scenarios. This paper proposes a scenario-based model predictive control (MPC) approach combining both robust and stochastic models to minimize the total operational cost for energy management. To overcome the concern about the convergence time increasing from the combination of scenarios, the Benders dec... [more]
Multi-Objective Demand Response Model Considering the Probabilistic Characteristic of Price Elastic Load
Shengchun Yang, Dan Zeng, Hongfa Ding, Jianguo Yao, Ke Wang, Yaping Li
November 16, 2018 (v1)
Keywords: demand response, electricity consumption satisfaction (ECS), interaction benefit satisfaction (IBS), price elastic load (PEL), Stochastic Optimization, uncertainty
Demand response (DR) programs provide an effective approach for dealing with the challenge of wind power output fluctuations. Given that uncertain DR, such as price elastic load (PEL), plays an important role, the uncertainty of demand response behavior must be studied. In this paper, a multi-objective stochastic optimization problem of PEL is proposed on the basis of the analysis of the relationship between price elasticity and probabilistic characteristic, which is about stochastic demand models for consumer loads. The analysis aims to improve the capability of accommodating wind output uncertainty. In our approach, the relationship between the amount of demand response and interaction efficiency is developed by actively participating in power grid interaction. The probabilistic representation and uncertainty range of the PEL demand response amount are formulated differently compared with those of previous research. Based on the aforementioned findings, a stochastic optimization mode... [more]
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