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Side Stream Control in Semicontinuous Distillation
Pranav Bhaswanth Madabhushi, Thomas Adams II
October 18, 2018 (v1)
Keywords: dynamic optimization, dynamical system analysis, Semicontinuous Distillation, side stream control
The idea to reduce cycle time (𝑇), by controlling the side stream flow rate using a feedforward control model -- the ideal side draw recovery arrangement (ISR) -- was standard in most semicontinuous distillation studies. However, its effect, particularly on ‘𝑇’ and more broadly on the system dynamics, was not clearly understood. In the current study, we compare the performance of using a modified form of ISR model with the status quo, based on the criteria, 𝑇 and separating cost (SC) on different case studies. Results show that the modified control model performed better with a 10-20% reduction in SC while maintaining product purities. Furthermore, the side stream flow rate trajectory that minimizes SC was found by using dynamic optimization and it did not differ a lot from the trajectory generated by the modified control model. The improvement in SC was at most 2%.
Space-constrained purification of dimethyl ether through process intensification using semicontinuous dividing wall columns
Sarah E. Ballinger, Thomas A. Adams II
June 12, 2018 (v1)
Keywords: Aspen Plus, Dimethyl Ether, Dividing wall column, Mobile Plant, Plant-on-a-truck, Process Intensification, Semicontinuous Distillation, Simulation
In this work, a distillation system is designed to purify dimethyl ether (DME) from its reaction by-products in the conversion of flare gas into a useful energy product. The distillation equipment has a size constraint for easy transportation, making process intensification the best strategy to efficiently separate the mixture. The process intensification distillation techniques explored include the dividing wall column (DWC) and a novel semicontinuous dividing wall column (S-DWC). The DWC and the S-DWC both purify DME to fuel grade purity along with producing high purity waste streams. An economic comparison is made between the two systems. The DWC is a cheaper method of producing DME however the purity of methanol, a reaction intermediate, is not as high as the S-DWC. Overall, this research shows that it is possible to purify DME and its reaction by-products in a 40-foot distillation column at a cost that is competitive with Diesel.
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