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    Thank you for contributing to the PSE Technology Tree! This is a Wiki-based system in which we rely on the PSE community to define topics of interest to the PSE community and place them within the tree. Here you can find some basic rules and guidelines for contributing.

    All registered users (registration is free and easy!) may make edits to content of each node of the tree. Don’t worry… if you make a mistake, you can always revert to an older version!

    All registered users may make additions to the tree and change the links to other nodes. Remember! If you don’t link your new node to other nodes, most people will not be able to find it when viewing the main tree. The only rule is that you cannot list a node as a pre-requisite (parent node) or an anti-requisite (child node) if your node is already connected to that node indirectly through some other route (the cite will prevent you from doing this automatically).

    Discussion pages are where users can talk about changes to nodes to help settle on language and the included details. Minor changes do not need discussion, but etiquette requires that major changes (especially node splitting or deletions) should be talked about in the discussion section prior to their making. Forum participants should call a vote lasting at least one week to allow interested persons to have their voice on a major decision.

    Node descriptions should always include references whenever possible, linked to each line in which the reference was used. Academic references (especially academic journal or conference papers) are strongly preferred. Plagiarism, including self-plagiarism, is never permitted. Should exact copies of text or images published anywhere else be included (which should be used only rarely), it must be presented as an obvious quotation (with quotation marks and/or block formatting using whatever quotation feature is available in the current version of the text editor) or reproduction with a specific attribution linked in the references. Admins will be honouring all take-down notices or requests from anyone who believes their material has been plagiarized or otherwise copied without authorization.

    The official language of the PSE Technology Tree is English in any dialect (British, Australian, American, Canadian, etc.). It is ok to correct grammar and language accordingly when editing, but try to avoid converting one valid form of English to another. If pages contain a mixed batch of dialects as a result, that is ok as a matter of policy. If you wish to add content in other languages, please contact a site admin. We are interested in expanding to other languages if there is sufficient interest but do not have the infrastructure in place at this time.

    This is intended to be a website dedicated to technical and scientific knowledge related to process systems engineering. Content outside of this mandate will not be permitted on the PSE Technology Tree. Thus works of opinion, art, news (PSE news may go on the home page… contact a site admin), memes, scientific/technical disciplines not related to PSE, or low quality content in general, are not permitted. The wiki technology tree is not an appropriate place for scientific data storage (including simulations, papers, etc.), but links to that material may be appropriate in many cases. Note that other sections of encourage data storage (contact a site Admin for more information). All language must be professional and appropriate for general audiences. Obviously, this policy therefore excludes foul language, pornography, hate speech, spam, and other undesired material on the PSE technology tree.

    We reserve the right to ban any user, email, or IP addressed if the rules are abused.

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