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    Which Estimations is best?
    Which Estimations is worst?

    SpectrumSolvers ™ program calculates a Power Spectral Density (PSD) estimate from 1 of several Steve Kay’s Estimators. Try all methods and compare them. Which is best on your data? Kay’s modern Estimators have shed new light on signal detection. Detecting a signal 50+ dB down is now -very- possible.

    SpectrumSolvers ™ has a menu of Spectral estimators from Steve Kay’s textbook, titled “Modern Spectral Estimation”, 1988. The results differ dramatically from one estimator to another. Plus, varying input parameter(s) and/or number of points may show discrepancies.

    Estimation methods in SpectrumSolvers include AutoCorrelation, Covariance, Prony, Akaike, Burg, Recursive Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Modified Yule-Walker Equations and others.

    This picture/plot (see website below) shows a PSD plot for one of the thirteen methods available to choose from. The methods can vary dramatically in their results. Try several before choosing which estimation is best to represent your PSD.

    Manufacturing companies take note! Some estimators can detect signals 50 to 100 dB from main signal. See documented example! The unwritten rule of ’30 dB is okay’ (i.e. hidden) is no longer true.Spec-3d plot from AutoCorrelation

    See how zero padding effects ones results. Ability to change array sizes on the fly and thus show zero padding effect is/was main reason for writing this software. SpectrumSolvers is a free (6 MB) download.

    Website: http://fortranCalculus.info/apps/spectrumsolvers.html

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