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    This thread is used for bug reports, feature requests, and information about the development of the software.


    The Beta Version of the Wiki Tech Tree is now active! Users are encouraged to participate in building the tree and updating content. If you are interested in contributing to the development, please let me know. This will be open source, I just haven’t released the source yet.

    Future desired features:

    1. Search button. Keyword search of article content, node names, families, and other aspects.
    2. Open sourcing. Need github page or similar.
    3. Generate subset of nodes within a technology family
    4. Filter a tree by family (draw tree containing family only)
    5. Improve automatic tree graphic capability
    6. Remaster CSS for better visual appearance.
    7. Create custom styles in TinyMCE editor for consistent look & feel across all articles.
    8. Improved history tracking, auto-identifying changes and avoiding storing no-changes as changes
    9. Adding page result numbering and result limiting/filtering in history pages
    10. Add advanced super-admin capabilities in WP admin section (i.e. tree lockdown, database controls, etc).
    11. Add regular admin capabilities in Advanced tab of WTT.
    12. Add equation capability to text editor. (Equation Editor plugin does a nice job of using LaTeX or other formats but resulting code is ruined by sanitation codes during database storage).

    Known bugs:

    1. Automatic tree drawing can result in some ambiguously drawn connections
    2. TinyMCE editor is a little slow to load
    3. Page layouts not completely consistent between browsers. Example: “Delete Tech” link on a node edit appears in different place in Edge than other browsers
    4. Quotation marks are being improperly escaped
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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